China Resources Power Zhejiang Co., Ltd. Provided Emergency Rescue for 14 Crew Members in Distress
26-04-2021 East China Region

On the early morning of April 23, China Resources Power Zhejiang Co., Ltd. received an urgent notice from Wenzhou Maritime Safety Administration that there had been a collision between a local fishing vessel and a passing large junk near Nanji Island. 14 crew members were in distress, four of whom were injured.

After receiving the notice, China Resources Power Zhejiang Co., Ltd. immediately launched the rescue plan and organized personnel and vehicles to carry out the rescue work. After 10 hours of emergency action, the sea fog, high waves, sailing difficulties and other adverse factors were overcome, 14 crew members were rescued to the dock at about 16:00 on April 24, the wounded were also sent to a nearby hospital for treatment.

China Resources Power Zhejiang Co., Ltd. has cultivated a maritime rescue team by taking advantage of port wharfs, deep-water channels and maritime vehicles. It has carried out maritime rescue activities for many times and won the title of "Five-star Beautiful Wharf" in the port and shipping industry of Zhejiang Province, the medal for "Ship with Outstanding Performance in Maritime Search and Rescue" awarded by the superior maritime department, and other honors.

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