Haifeng Company Supplied Water to Extreme Arid Surrounding Areas for Free
28-05-2021 Haifeng Company

On May 26, 4 water-tank lorries loaded with 40 tons of domestic water departed from China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co., Ltd. to surrounding towns and villages to help local government and local people to fight against drought.

Since October last year, the accumulated drought days in Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone has hit the record kept from 1952 when the meteorological record was first made. On May 20, the drought grade of Shenzhen-Shanwei Special Cooperation Zone was further elevated to "extreme drought". In response to this, towns limited water supply, which greatly affected the daily life of residence. In face of the increasingly severe drought, Haifeng Company decided to fulfill its duties as a central enterprise by producing domestic water conforming to standard using the sea water desalting equipment and supplying them to the surrounding locals for free.

"We are grateful for the initiative supply of domestic water of China Resources Power (Haifeng) Co., Ltd. and its active coordination. This domestic water in urgent need enhances our confidence and strength in fighting against drought, and will effectively mitigate the drought. We appreciate CR Power's spirit of helping each other in face of challenges," said the head of the Office of Fire, Disaster and Incident Prevention. Haifeng Company will continue supplying domestic water for free in recent period, and the daily supply can reach up to 400 tons.

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