Guangzhou Company Backed Nansha District, Guangzhou to Combat against COVID-19
11-06-2021 Guangzhou Company


In response to the call of government about stopping the spread of COVID-19 expeditiously, CR Power Guangzhou Company set up a nucleic acid test point for partial employees in Xiaohu Island Chemical Industrial Area in Huangge Town on June 10 during the district-wide nucleic acid test of Nansha District, Guangzhou, and took a total of 1,670 nucleic acid samples on the same day.

On the evening of June 9, Guangzhou Company took the initiative to set up a nucleic acid test point for enterprises in the north of Xiaohu Island. Information acquisition and preparation of protective equipment were finished overnight. Besides, nucleic acid test facilities were set up inside and outside the factory; a team of 58 volunteers was built, and pre-job skill training was offered to them that very night. After confirming that everything had conformed to the epidemic prevention standards, Guangzhou Company initiated the nucleic acid test on the morning of June 10. With the support from medical workers and the company's volunteers, test procedures were carried out in an orderly and efficient manner, and as a result, all employees of Guangzhou Thermal Power Plant and surrounding enterprises got nucleic acid tests. Moreover, Guangzhou Company also assigned 11 volunteers to assist other test points in Huangge Town.

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